Accordion Scrapbook Album

Here is an idea on creating a simple Accordion Scrapbook Album. This handmade Scrapbook Album is done for any occasion be it love, kids, school, farewell etc.

Mini Accordion scrapbook Album

I will just take you with a overview of this Accordion Scrapbook Album to give you an idea on how you can plan on creating one for yourself. It is super fun to make this mini scrapbook album and looks really creative and elegant.

Accordion Scrapbook Album
Handmade accordion scrapbook Album

This handmade scrapbook Album is in landscape shape and have one side beautifully designed with jute and flowers. A picture can be pasted on the jute or a sentiment can be added.

Handmade scrapbook gift ideas
Handmade accordion book

The another side of the book has the accordion pages. I have added 12 pages here, but you can add more if the size of your scrapbook is bigger. I have also punched the sides to slip in the pictures easily on every page. To hold them together, while closing the book, I have tied the pages with a jute string which looks really pretty. I have also added a small metal key as an embellishment to give it a vintage look.

Handmade scrapbook gift

Lastly, on the end page, I have given a frame to insert a picture or maybe few notes that can be cherished forever.

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